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Tutorial: A Character Count Tool Using Bootstrap and JavaScript

This week I want to document how I created a simple web application that allows users to input a message, and in return display the number of characters in it. Not only was it simple to make, but useful in the real world too! Final Character Count Page: For this project, we will be using Bootstrap for the user interface, and basic JavaScript for the character counting functionality. To get started, download the compiled and minified version of Bootstrap from the official website. Getting Started To kickstart our project, we will be using the “Starter template” from Bootstrap as it is easy to configure and readily available. According to Bootstrap, the template contains “nothing but …

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FileZilla Fix: Error 421 Too many connections (8) from this IP


Recently while moving a WordPress blog with thousands of files, I ran into an error on FileZilla: 421 Too many connections (8) from this IP. I was transferring a huge blog over to my other hosting server when this error began popping out. I was having such a good day.. Not knowing what this error meant, I did a quick Google search and wandered myself into a hosting company’s website. As it turns out, this may be due to the fact that a file has been transferred, but the connection has not yet been closed. Normally, this shouldn’t be a big problem on VPS or dedicated servers because they have the ability to change …

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